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We own a plot which is being visited by some vandals lately and I am looking for some solution regarding this problem. Is it possible to find out who was present at the location and when?. We are not sure if it is done out of hate but we need to find out who is causing destruction in our area. We cannot use Security cameras as the place is very open and we are afraid the vandals will destroy it too and more over there is no place to mount the cameras on and also the area is pretty big. Anything helps. Or maybe a device of some sort that detects who has come into its vicinity at what time that I can make or find online. Please let me know if anything can be done and also if there are any books or sources I could refer to for the solution Thank you.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for such a topic.

What I have tried:

I have no idea what to do. I know some programming but nowhere near what is necessary for this kind of project.
Updated 20-Jul-20 23:12pm

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Sorry, but no - we can't help you here.

Without "active" monitoring devices such as cameras, you are dependant on "passive" devices, such as using cell tower info to determine user location. And there are major problems with that:
1) It's probably illegal unless you are law enforcement yourselves as access to the info would breach data protection, GDPR, and loads of privacy laws.
2) It's not feasible to do unless you know who you are checking: every man and his dog has a phone these days, and you would have to find the location of a huge number of those to narrow down your search. The amount of info you would be processing is enormous and beyond about everyone except Google and the NSA.
3) Even if you could identify perpetrators, you probably can't use it for anything unless you have actual eye-witness or camera footage of the vandalism: just saying "it happened between 18:00 and 08:00 the following day and these people went there" isn't evidence any court (outside China) would accept.

Sorry - but there isn't anything we can do to help: I'd suggest contacting local police, but if they are anythign like ours the'd be useless as well. I feel for you, but ...
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