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Hello everyone, I have some charts in my forms which I would like to make them more sophisticated . I have been googling but I haven't found anything so specific.
I just want to know if it's possible and what method should I use or which direction should I go to..

I have connected my chart with SQL database values.

Here is some of the code that I use it:
Private Sub LoaddayData()

       Chartday.DataSource = GetData1()
       Chartday.Series("Day").XValueMember = "Day"
       Chartday.Series("Day").YValueMembers = "Total"
       Chartday.Series("Day").ChartType = SeriesChartType.Spline
       Chartday.Series("Day").IsValueShownAsLabel = True
End Sub

Private Function GetData1() As DataTable

       Dim dtChartData As New DataTable()

       Using conn As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("db").ConnectionString)
           Using cmd As New SqlCommand("Chart_daily1", conn) ' Total working hours in the month -- step3
               cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

               'Counts Year only'
               cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@DateD", DateTimePickerM.Text)
               cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Department", ComboBoxDepartment.Text)

               Dim reader As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader()

           End Using
       End Using

       Return dtChartData

   End Function

Thank you,
Your help is appreciated.

What I have tried:

Here are some examples that I have been trying but here it shows only the information that already is in the datachart How to display information of a line chart by doing mouse over[^]

So I was wondering if it is possible to show more information by selecting or just moving the mouse over the curve. Like a list of information or some of that kind.

Thank you,
Best Rergards
Updated 24-Jul-20 5:33am

1 solution

The "info" is displayed via the .Text property of the CalloutAnnotation object (in the example); add any extra info you want.
With ta
    .AnchorDataPoint = Chart1.Series(0).Points(result.PointIndex)
    .X = thisPt.X + 1
    .Y = thisPt.Y + 1
    .Text = thisPt.ToString
    .CalloutStyle = CalloutStyle.SimpleLine
    .ForeColor = Color.Red
    .Font = New Font("Tahoma", 12, FontStyle.Bold)
End With
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Member 13410460 22-Jul-20 13:30pm    
Thank you for your reply and help, I will test it now.
Member 13410460 22-Jul-20 16:39pm    
I looked into that but still don't know how to do it, it looks fairly complicated for my level of coding.
Gerry Schmitz 23-Jul-20 0:36am    
It's as hard as you want to make it. You can dedicate a multi-line textbox (or any other "list type control") on the form for "logging" instead of "annotating". It's called designing; the limits are your imagination.
Member 13410460 24-Jul-20 10:08am    
Is there a chance that I can Connect my SQL Query inside of it ?
For example here in this form :

Dim thisPt As New PointF(CSng(Chartday.Series("Day").Points(Result.PointIndex).XValue),

And if yes , how can I do that ?
Gerry Schmitz 24-Jul-20 12:42pm    
You format the results of your query as a "string" (for example) and add it to the ".Text" (or whatever) property of whatever control is used to track the mouse. Draw a picture of your ui and visualize how the components should interact. Nobody gets it right if all they do is "think" about it.

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