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I'm trying to convert my python project into setup file (currently I have it in exe compressed to zip file) including giving an option to the user to add a shortcut to desktop (or even create it automatically after installation is done).
My app is going to be installed at $PROGRAMFILES\Appname
Does anyone know what to deal with it ?

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I was tried to modify Modern.nsh with different commands.. but without success.
Updated 9-Aug-20 3:18am

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glbtech 9-Aug-20 9:30am    
Hi..thanks, but it doesn't answer my question. My question is more specific.
Richard MacCutchan 9-Aug-20 9:35am    
You asked how to create a python setup file. What more specific question do you have?
glbtech 9-Aug-20 9:38am    
I asked how to create setup file using NSIS not the way you offered me. I already created normal setup file, but I want to recreate it so when it will be installed it will create a shortcut on desktop - via NSIS.
Richard MacCutchan 9-Aug-20 9:39am    
OK see NSIS Modern User Interface - Documentation[^].

But you could have found this information quite easily by doing a Google search.
glbtech 9-Aug-20 9:43am    
This is not a solution, sorry. I know how to use google as well as you. I need help from someone that did it and can guide me to combine the commands before generate the setup file.. I look into that doc already.. I didn't understand the documentation, I tried.

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