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I have a problem with my current project about face detection ,

EigenObjectRecognizer recognizer = new EigenObjectRecognizer(
                          1000, // 1000 is the best number ,because most
                          ref termCrit);

it's difficult to find best value of eigen distance ,

i have ever read on an article that sound like this '
The eigen distance threshold, (0, ~1000]. The smaller the number, the more likely an examined image will be treated as unrecognized object. If the threshold is < 0, the recognizer will always treated the examined image as one of the known object.

What I have tried:

now i want to know how to get best eigen value , but i want to test to compare two images and get eigen distance ,

example like this

Image<Gray,Byte> testImage = new Image<Gray,Byte>("face6.bmp");
Image<Gray, Byte> testImage2 = new Image<Gray, Byte>("face9.bmp");
Image<Gray, Byte> img3 = testImage-testImage2; 

but this is not what i want to do,
i want to compare it in another way , and the result that will return is an int,

how can i solve it?
Updated 31-Aug-20 20:29pm

1 solution

You need to tune your parameter here. Following article will help understand it: EMGU Multiple Face Recognition using PCA and Parallel Optimisation[^]

Another similar discussion[^] if needed.
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