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My chart is updated frequently but when chart is use chart1.Series[MultipleGraphSignals[i]].Points.RemoveAt(0);
the remove is shown but new point is not showing.
ChOnline is name of Chart Control
where MultipleGraphSignals[i] is Series name String array
and MaximumWidth=100
Before point count 100 chart is working fine but after 100 it is erase from left side but current value is not updated/shown in chart

What I have tried:

public void Update_Graph(double[] MultipleSignalsVAlue)
                for (int i = 0; i < SignalsCntr; i++)
                    DataPoint dp2 = new DataPoint(Cntr, MultipleSignalsVAlue[i]);
                    if (chart1.Series[MultipleGraphSignals[i]].Points.Count > MaximumWidth)
                if (Cntr > 1000)
                    Cntr = 1;
            catch(Exception ex) { }
Updated 4-Sep-20 3:18am
Gerry Schmitz 3-Sep-20 9:00am    
You got some weird calculations that no one knows the point of. Better step through with the debugger because no one else can.

1 solution

Without your data and your chart actually running, we can't really tell, but at a guess it's the X axis that is giving the problem - I suspect it isn't moving to reflect the data change.

To be honest, the MS chart isn't really meant for real-time display of rolling data, you would be better off using something that is. Have a look at this: Live Charts[^] - it's free, and the source is available on GitHub if you need to customise it.
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