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Good day! Our professor assigned me to do an activity in C that I will present in front of class, but I'm having trouble. I am supposed to create a program that takes user input that identifies if the input is positive, negative, or neutral. If the user inputs a character or a string, it is supposed to output "Invalid Input.". However, I can not seem to make the last condition work. Any tips? I just started so any help will be appreciated. Thank you so much!

What I have tried:

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
	int num;
	printf("Input a number: ");
	scanf("%i", &num);
	if (num>0.0) {
	else if (num<0.0) {
	else if (num==0.0) {
	else {
		printf("Invalid Input");
	return 0; 

I also tried changing the elif statements to if statements but it always included Invalid Input in every output.
Updated 4-Oct-20 8:11am
Rick York 4-Oct-20 12:45pm
First, define what valid input is. Anything else would be invalid input. You should be able to determine what the type of input is you receive.

1 solution

The first issue is that you are reading an integer value and then comparing it to a floating point. So use the simple integral value 0 for your comparison. The second issue is that if you enter a string rather than a number, then scanf will not return anything so num will contain whatever was there before. You need to capture the return value from scanf to check if you read a valid number. Something like:
printf("Input a number: ");
int count = scanf("%i", &num);
if (count != 1)
    printf("Invalid Input");
else // ... now you can check the value of num
CPallini 5-Oct-20 2:10am

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