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I have working on docx method in python. I want my key value pair in dictionary get extracted in word format directly. As there are 100 of key value pairs i want it get automatically extracted in word document as the format i want.

What I have tried:

import docx
mydoc = docx.Document()

price = {"Maling":["Melon Jam 300gram", "34aed"], "Nescafe":["3 in 1 coffee", "20 aed"]}

# defination to get value in word
  for i in price:
    for j in price[i]:
    mydoc.add_run.bold= True'demo.docx')

#I am excepting this kind of result like below:

 Melon Jam 300gram
 34 Aed
Updated 8-Oct-20 21:46pm

1 solution

Would suggest you to go through the knowledgebase doc here: Working with Styles — python-docx 0.8.10 documentation[^]

Just add style to the add_paragraph as needed:
paragraph = document.add_paragraph(style='Body Text')

Do notice, there are few defined styles that can be used right away:
from import WD_STYLE_TYPE
styles = document.styles
paragraph_styles = [
    s for s in styles if s.type == WD_STYLE_TYPE.PARAGRAPH
for style in paragraph_styles:

# Outputs
# Normal
# Body Text
# List Bullet
There are paragraph specific style properties that you can use to get desired feel. Try out.

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