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I have a windows form and trying to calculate something when the user moves the cursor. Is there an event handler on changing the cursor position.
Sandeep Mewara 15-Jan-13 13:28pm    
Will not cursor position help in your something?
Jason Gleim 15-Jan-13 14:56pm    
Just a word of warning... you should hook and unhook those events as-needed. Obviously, MouseMove generates a crap-load of events so you should only hook your event handler just before you need the data and then unhook it when you are done. And you should keep your event handler short and sweet. If your handler takes longer to execute than it takes for the next event to arrive, you can fill the event queue and bog down your app and/or start dumping events.

Processing events is one thing, processing events that generate hundreds or thousands of interrupts per second is a whole different beast.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Jan-13 15:38pm    
Mouse cursor or caret? In your application or outside?
missak boyajian 16-Jan-13 10:01am    
I already found a solution. I used Timer in winform controls and I am able to do what I needed. But thanks for the replies.

There is: Control.OnMouseMove[^]
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Use Hooks:
Global System Hooks in .NET[^]
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