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I have three levels of route attribute inheritance :

ClassA : ClassB public string Concat(..) [Route(..)] ClassB : ClassC [Route(..)] ClasseC: ControllerBase

The problem is that service "Concact" in the ClasseA never working !

Here is my code with details:

* UniteAdministrativeController :

* ControleurRechercheBase :

* ControleurObtentionBase :

My problem here is i can't execute the action HTTPPOST "Concat" , and when i test it with POSTMAN: https://localhost:44339/api/v1.0/UniteAdministrative/

I get error 415,

How can I fix it? Or any idea to modify it ?

What I have tried:

public class UniteAdministrativeController : ControleurRechercheBase<Entites.UniteAdministrative, DbContext>     
      protected readonly IRechercheDAO<Entites.UniteAdministrative, DbContext> rechercheDAOtest;
      public UniteAdministrativeController(IRechercheDAO<Entites.UniteAdministrative, DbContext> rechercheDAO)
 : base( rechercheDAO)
     rechercheDAOtest = rechercheDAO;


 public string Concat([FromBody] CritereRecherche critereRecherche)

  public abstract class ControleurRechercheBase<TEntite, TContexte> : ControleurObtentionBase<TEntite>
     where TEntite : class
     where TContexte : ContexteBase
     protected readonly IRechercheDAO<TEntite, TContexte> RechercheDao;

     protected ControleurRechercheBase(IRechercheDAO<TEntite, TContexte> rechercheDAO);

 public Task<IActionResult> Rechercher([FromBody] CritereRecherche critereRecherche);

   public abstract class ControleurObtentionBase<T> : ControleurBase where T : class

     protected ControleurObtentionBase();

  [ProducesAttribute("application/json", new[] { })]

  public Task<IActionResult> Get(string parametre);

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