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hi guys , i want to protect my source code from client when installing on server client can't see my source code and copy it !

i use core and install system on server

which way is the best way to protect my source folder and codes

What I have tried:

which way is the best way to protect my source folder and codes 
Updated 1-Nov-20 1:30am
Richard MacCutchan 1-Nov-20 7:05am
Which client are you talking about?

1 solution

First off, unless your server is badly configured and it's security is non-existent, the client can't access your C# or VB source directly - it's compiled and run on the server and produces HTML / Javascript code which is sent to the client. However, you can extract your core code to a compiled DLL assembly and just call the appropriate bits of that from your aspx.cs files if it makes you any happier. Provided the DLL is obfuscated, that's about as secure as you can make it - which isn't that much as the code needs to be readable by the machine in order to work at all!

The HTML / Javascript you cannot protect at all: the client can easily view it's content by right clicking any page and selecting "Inspect" or "View page source". That's because HTML is designed to be "human readable" and there isn't anything you can do about that!
Member 13408259 2-Nov-20 2:30am
bro which tools or way is the best way to obfuscating .net core web applications , are
SmartAssembly program is good ? or which one ?
thanks to help me
OriginalGriff 2-Nov-20 3:00am
I don't use an obfuscator myself, so I can't recommend one.
Google may help: "c# obfuscators review" should get you started

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