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I'm making a demo game store app using React JS, and when I add a game to my cart, I want a toast notification popping up saying, 'A new game has been added to cart' or something.

So I installed <pre lang="Javascript">react-toastify and in my addToCart function, after all the lines of other code, I put:
toast("A new game has been added to your cart");

And I clicked on the add to cart button and it didn't give me a toast notification at all. This is my repository on GitHub. The problem is on Products.jsx. Here's the code where I'm stuck:

const addToCart = (product) => {
    let newCart = [...cart];
    let itemInCart = newCart.find((item) => ===;

    if (itemInCart) {
    } else {
      itemInCart = {
        quantity: 1,

    toast("A new game has been added to your cart");

I'm calling it here:

return (
      <div className="idk">
        <ul className="flex cards">
          {, index) => (
            <li key={index}>
              <div className="space3"></div>
              <img src={product.image} alt={} />
              <div className="space"></div>
              <div className="thiscard">
                <button onClick={() => (window.location.href =}>
              <div className="cart-container">
                <div className="space2"></div>
                <div className="anotheridk">
                  <a className="cart" onClick={() => addToCart(product)}>
                    <FaCartPlus />

Please help, thank you!

What I have tried:

I've tried re-looking my code and it doesn't help.
Updated 7-Nov-20 2:51am
Richard MacCutchan 6-Nov-20 11:38am    
"Please help, thank you!"
If you want help then post the appropriate code in your question. No one is going to download and analyse your project from github.
h311o 6-Nov-20 22:37pm    
Updated question. Could you help, please?
Richard MacCutchan 7-Nov-20 3:47am    
Sorry, but I have not used this product.
h311o 7-Nov-20 7:39am    
Oh...also a possibly helpful tip, when I replace
toast("A new game has been added to your cart");
alert("A new game has been added to your cart");
it gives an alert. So maybe it has something to do with toast...?

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h311o 8-Nov-20 0:53am    
Oh, right. I had to do
before I actually use toast. Thanks Richard!

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