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Hello experts

For testing our store procedures in SQL we use tSQLt framework. There is a logic in our business that we have decided to use Temporal table by using histories of a row.
The problem is when a row of table updated 2 times in a Transaction, there are two records with same VersioningEndTime in the history table. As you know every test in tSQLt framework will be executed in a Transaction.

Is there any solution do solve this issue in tests?

What I have tried:

The algorithm in the test:
-- 1) Create a row
-- 2) WAITFOR DELAY '00:00:02'
-- 3) Update the row
-- 4) Select from History table

the result are 2 rows in the history table with same VersioningEndTime.
Updated 26-Nov-20 10:23am
CHill60 27-Nov-20 3:47am    
The problem with Transactions and Temporal tables is well known - discourse on it sql-server-temporal-table-tricks-and-troubles[^]
The obvious solution is don't update the row twice in the same transaction but as you haven't shared any code it is difficult for me to give you a specific solution
Meysam Toluie 27-Nov-20 6:14am    
I use no transaction. The algorithm I have wrote will executed in tSQLt test, and tSQLt will begin a transaction automatically and at the end it will be rollback.
CHill60 27-Nov-20 6:29am    
Then have the "1) Create a row, 2) Waitfor Delay '00:00:02'" in one test and "3) Update the row, 4) Select from History table" in another where the 2nd test is dependent on the first
Meysam Toluie 27-Nov-20 11:42am    
tSQLt does not work like this!
CHill60 27-Nov-20 11:59am    
You can have test dependencies in tSQLt for complex testing scenarios. At the end of the day, if you can't find a way for the two updates to be done outside of the same transaction then you have to live with the issue

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