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I have been searching and googling on how do I host my SQL server database on host site but I can't find anything detailed.

I am not asking for a free hosting or something like that.

I am trying to find a tutorial on how do I host an MSSQL server DB, how do I get the connection string that I will be using in my application and will I have full control like that I have when using SQL server management studio ?

Can someone point me to the right direction ?

What I have tried:

searched by keyword "Host SQL server database" "Host MSSQL server database tutorial/steps" ... etc
Updated 6-Dec-20 21:26pm
RedDk 6-Dec-20 18:28pm    
Essentially, you'll be transfering your database to a dedicated server through a hosting service that either owns that server or is renting space on it, presumably also taking care of security matters. This might be done through renting out MSSQL SERVER space at various incremental rent prices.

The webpage that YOU maintain, under these paid services is going to provide the necessary leveraging applications so that a user at your site can login/logout, surf, buy, comment, do whatever it is you deem necessary. Look up webhosting. Under the types any returns you'll first off see the packages offered at what costs. The specifications for each type will contain things like, ASP.NET capable, MSSQL Server capable, Number of EMail accounts, etc, etc.

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That depends on exactly what you are trying to do: if you are using a web hosting service (Arvixe, BlueHost, HostGator, ... there are hundreds of them) then they usually provide either SQL Server or MySql database (one or more, depends on the host and how much you are paying for the service) support already, and all you need to do is follow their instructions to add your DB - these will also give you the connection string your code will need. There is no need to install a database server package, and you will not have full control over the server (though you will often be able to use SSMS to manage your specific DB from your PC - this may vary by hosting service though).
You may be able to access the DB from outside the hosting service computers (including the web server, that'll be able to access it) but that depends on the hosting service - some do, some don't.

If you are trying to set up a SQL server host computer, then that's pretty simple in theory - pick a PC, install the software and make sure the firewall is configured to let requests in and out. In practice it needs some careful thinking about before you do this: PC spec is important, and so is the configuration when you install SQL Server - a DB admin with a reasonable amount of knowledge and experience is a good idea here!
You will probably not be able to access the DB from outside your local LAN though.

The third option is to go Cloud based, and this will probably include DB(s) in your cloud service provider package.
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