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We have few different exes as an application prerequisite and we want to install all these exes in a single click. I tried to install these exes silently by creating a windows project but the exes do no install silently. Please suggest how I can overcome this issue.

bbirajdar 16-Jan-13 10:07am    
Does these make some noise ?
David_Wimbley 16-Jan-13 10:08am    
Are these exes applications that you've made or are they 3rd party?

3rd party apps...if available...would have documentation on the 3rd party creators knowledge base im sure.
Akbar Ali Hussain 16-Jan-13 14:02pm    
If you create MSI then there are some flags to run MSI without UI like /qn. Refer[^]

1 solution

Just copy them; you should be able to do it silently. :-)

Most applications do not really require installation, unless they do something special to the system. Often they also introduce some new "file type" or suggest to register existing ones to be handled by the newly installed application. This is often not really required, or can be trusted to the user. Also, one good way of making required modification of the system registry is doing by the application itself on its first use.

To me, the applications which do not require installations are the very best. A while ago, Microsoft started to encourage this kind of installation — finally. Especially for .NET products. This healthy trend is now growing. Some products coming with the installer are often come with "portable version" which is used immediately, without installation.

But it you still want regular MSI installation, you just need to make it silent, using regular Setup project; I don't see why not.

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rahulkasar 18-Jan-13 3:37am    
Actually these are third party exes and not MSI and I have to install those silently.
Please help me in this.

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Jan-13 13:05pm    
If this is a 3rd-party EXE, and they use UI, it totally depends on what they do. If the are console applications, automating their execution in silent matter is not a problem at all. Maybe these EXEs are just not good enough to serve your well...

So, I would gladly help you if you tell me that those EXEs are console applications. Is it the case? Need help with that?


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