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I'm still new to Javascript and HTML, I'm trying to create a table to display reports extracted from firebase RT Database.

I'm Getting the following Error:

Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
at Tabulator._clearObjectPointers (tabulator.js:9532)
at Tabulator._create (tabulator.js:9488)
at new Tabulator (tabulator.js:8715)
at tableCreator (index.html:705)
at index.html:804
at EventRegistration.ts:133
at kt (util.ts:588)
at jr.raise (EventQueue.ts:171)
at Vr.raiseQueuedEventsMatchingPredicate_ (EventQueue.ts:123)
at Vr.raiseEventsForChangedPath (EventQueue.ts:103)

any help please

What I have tried:

//below is a sample data which looks typically the same extracted from firebase

            var jsonData =
                availability: {
                    supermarket01: {
                        '2342342': {
                            green100: 'no',
                            green200: 'yes',
                            red200: 'yes',
                            yellow: 'no',
                            purple100: 'yes',
                            cyan100: 'no'
                        '58943792': {
                            green200: 'yes',
                            orange200: 'yes',
                            red200: 'no'
                        '398489593': {
                            green200: 'no',
                            orange200: 'no',
                            red200: 'yes'
                        '1605290957000': {
                            orange: 'yes',
                            green2123: 'no',
                            green222: 'yes'
                    supermarket02: {
                        '23423423': {
                            green200: 'yes',
                            orange200: 'no',
                            red200: 'no'
                        '23947928': {
                            green200: 'yes',
                            orange200: 'no',
                            red200: 'yes'

                const table = new Tabulator("#example-table", {
                    layout: "fitColumns",
                    autoRows: true,
                    dataTreeChildField: "childRows",
                    autoColumns: true,
                    dataTree: true,
                    resizableColumns: false,
                    data: jsonData,
                    selectable: true,

<div id="example-table"></div>
Updated 9-Dec-20 6:18am
BabyYoda 9-Dec-20 10:20am    
I don't believe there is enough information for us. The errors says that slice is not a function which means somewhere there is code calling slice but it does not know where to get it. I don't see it anywhere that you posted so I don't think you have posted the relevant code.
Ammar9191 9-Dec-20 10:24am    
I believe slice is a function or a variable in tabulator library, it's not in my code. to reproduce you will need to include this library as well.
BabyYoda 9-Dec-20 10:46am    
Then you might not be including other libraries that it depends on or are missing an option when loading it. No way to tell.
Ammar9191 9-Dec-20 10:58am    
ok, maybe I missed to say in the question that this same code works ok for other JSON format, but for my particular JSON it's not able to work. if you're familiar with Tabulator library you will understand the question right away.
BabyYoda 9-Dec-20 11:17am    
It likely means your data is not in the right format.

1 solution

According to the documentation the data option should be an array, not a json string, Tabulator[^].

Try the example in the documentation and it will likely work.
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