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I have tried the code mentioned below but I am getting the Actual values from the sheet, not the formatted one. Please help...


Name	Email	        Phone	  Amount (formatted cell value)	Amount(Actual cell vlaue)
Bob	555-2233  1,000.05	                1000.0545
Carol	555-3344  10,000.05	                10000.0545
Ted	555-4455  250,000.05	                250000.0546
Alice	01245	  1,080.60	                1080.599898

What I have tried:

var fileName = Server.MapPath("~/Users.xlsx");
     DataTable dtNew = new DataTable();

     using (var stream = System.IO.File.Open(fileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
         using (var reader = ExcelReaderFactory.CreateReader(stream))
             int ColumnCount = reader.FieldCount;

             for (int i = 0; i < ColumnCount; i++)
                 string ColumnName = reader.GetValue(i).ToString();
                 if (!dtNew.Columns.Contains(ColumnName))
                    { dtNew.Columns.Add(ColumnName); }

             while (reader.Read())
                 foreach (DataColumn dc in dtNew.Columns)
                     int index = dtNew.Columns.IndexOf(dc);
                     dtNew.Rows[dtNew.Rows.Count - 1][dc] = reader.GetValue(index).ToString();

Updated 21-Aug-22 1:15am
[no name] 8-Jan-21 1:53am    
Format it yourself; it's an "N2".

DataTable stores data, not it's format. If you would like to display data existing in the datatable object you need to use reporting tools.
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The GitHub project you're using explains how to handle formatting:
ExcelDataReader does not support formatting directly. Users may retreive the number format string for a cell through IExcelDataReader.GetNumberFormatString(i) and use the third party ExcelNumberFormat library[^] for formatting purposes.
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Maciej Los 8-Jan-21 8:58am    
Hi, Richard!
Happy New Year!

OP loads data into datatable object. So, as i mentioned, datatable stores data, not it's format.
Richard Deeming 8-Jan-21 9:00am    
The OP seems to be storing strings in the datatable, so I suspect they just want to store the formatted value.

Whether that's a good idea or not is a different issue. :)

Install below NuGet package "NuGet Gallery | ExcelNumberFormat 1.1.0[^]

private static string GetFormattedValue(IExcelDataReader reader, int columnIndex, CultureInfo culture)
           var value = reader.GetValue(columnIndex);
           var formatString = reader.GetNumberFormatString(columnIndex);
           if (formatString == null)
               return Convert.ToString(value, culture);

           var format = new NumberFormat(formatString);
           return format.Format(value, culture);

while (reader.Read())
                    foreach (DataColumn dataColumn in dataTable.Columns)
                        var index = dataTable.Columns.IndexOf(dataColumn);
                        var value = GetFormattedValue(reader, index, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture);
                        dataTable.Rows[dataTable.Rows.Count - 1][dataColumn] = value;
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