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I show a file excel in datagridview and it has columns I want to check values of gender column including only 2 values are male or female. If the gender column does not have 2 values above it will error! I want to make a button to test the gender column. How I do code ? Help me !!!

What I have tried:

I don't know write program what it's like !
Updated 11-Jan-21 23:26pm

The best way to do that is when you receive the data, rather than when you are presenting it to the user.

But a DGV is pretty flexible, and there is a CellPainting event it fires when a cell is to be drawn to the screen - I use it to colour cells according to their value: Colouring DataGridView Cells According to their Content in WinForms[^] - as a visual warning to the user, you could use that to indicate "invalid gender" values (though you run the risk of alienating a lot of people who don't believe in binary genders).

When it comes to testing the whole column however, you shouldn't use the DGV content at all, but the underlying datasource - DGV's should be filterable, orderable, pageable so the displayed content may not cover the whole data set.
Using the underlying datasource is simpler - because you can use whatever collection of information you started with - and more maintainable - because you can replace the DGV with a different control and not affect your code.

So look at your DataSource - and validate that (preferably before it gets to the display!)
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Huyyhaha 12-Jan-21 4:07am    
I do that to check an excel file that has quite large data (there are thousands of people) so I have to check its value fields to enter the database. !
can you help me ?
OriginalGriff 12-Jan-21 4:26am    
With what bit?
You have your data from excel, and you certainly shouldn't be just dropping it in a DGV - thousands of rows are way too much for a user to want to see - so start with your data source: the collection you read the excel data into. I can't see your code, so I have no idea where you store it!
You can use the DataGridView.DataError event, but this might only work on the currently displayed data, see: How can I validate DataGridView input?[^]
And: DataGridView.DataError Event (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Docs[^]

If you want to check values on entry you can also use the CellValidating event, see:
Walkthrough: Validate data in DataGridView control - Windows Forms .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs[^]
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