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I'm working with Crystal report 9. I am generating my QR Code images from Google QR Code (infographics) after getting the images from the link we insert an image into the database field.

I have some QR Codes in my database (SQL Server) as an IMAGE datatype. I'm getting the data using the stored procedure, everything is working fine except the image which is not showing in the Crystal Report blob field.

Blob field is not showing images just for 1-2 QR Codes except that every QR code is showing properly.

I have a few questions which are the following:
Does anyone has faced this kind of issue?
How can we get the difference between all showing QR codes and not showing QR codes?
How can I be able to show that QR Code?
Link 1 (Not working )
Link 2 (working)

What I have tried:

Generating QR Code from another way.
Changed table column to varbinary(max) as mentioned in some solutions.

Only one of my Qr code is not showing else everything works fine.
Updated 13-Jan-21 19:26pm
Gerry Schmitz 12-Jan-21 9:56am
If all the others work, the 1-2 images that didn't work are either: missing or corrupt. Not something someone else can fix.
Member 15021641 13-Jan-21 0:14am
Hey Gerry thanks for the comment. But my all images are correct not a single one is corrupted .I am saying this cause when I scan the QR code from images it give me the exact result as I encoded into the QR Code. For more you can also generate the QR code from the above which I have given.
Gerry Schmitz 14-Jan-21 9:56am
You should then run your own "loop" (c#, sql select, whatever) and retrieve display all the images. If that works and CR still doesn't, then it's how you're "feeding" CR. You're the one that tells CR how and what to report on, short of you feeding it a dataset / datatable (with images) directly.

And what's a CR "blob" field have to do with an "image"? No "picture box" or "image type"?

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