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Actually i am getting substrings like 19 or sometimes 1A.

I am taking substring and converting it to a Integer. For displaying in richtextbox i am converting it to a string.

I get errors after getting some correct values.

error : Input String is not a correct format.

private void DisplayData(MessageType type, string msg)
          richTextBox1.Invoke(new EventHandler(delegate

               string substring = string.Empty;
               if (msg.Length > 57)
               substring = msg.Substring(54, 2);

     int decValue =int.Parse(substring,System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);

               string hexValue = decValue.ToString();

               richTextBox1.AppendText(hexValue) ;
Updated 16-Jan-13 22:15pm
CPallini 17-Jan-13 3:36am    
You should check with the debugger the value of the string, when the error happens.
ontheline89 17-Jan-13 3:39am    
yes the format of values changer after some time, you can say some garbage values. Is there any way that it just convert only strings which are in format and discard other without getting any errors.
CPallini 17-Jan-13 3:55am    
Yes, handle the exception (with catch) or use TryParse method, see


use like this:

int decValue = int.TryParse(substring,decValue);// This will not even compile since TryParse returns a bool not an int.

To convert hexadecimal values to integer use:

int decValue = int.Parse(substring, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);

You may be getting error for "1A". Try to avoid those values.

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ontheline89 17-Jan-13 2:44am    
I cant avoid values like 1A OR 1B.
These are HEXADECIMAL values and i need to convert them to integers.
I am still getting errors.
[no name] 17-Jan-13 2:53am    
Check my solution again. I have updated that again...
ontheline89 17-Jan-13 2:56am    
i am getting correct values, but after 4 to 5 values, i get error that
Input Sting was not in a correct format.
[no name] 17-Jan-13 3:54am    
BY then There must be some value which can't be converted to integer. Please check that by step by step execution.
fjdiewornncalwe 17-Jan-13 9:57am    
My 1. The TryParse is the correct way to do this, it just needs to be written correctly.
int decValue;
if( !int.TryParse(substring, out decValue) )
   // Set a default value to decValue in case the parse fails.
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