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I need a JS function to hide a button depending on the value of a field of the record.

I added the button on Ribbon Workbench and associated it with a command, which is associated with the JS action.

I set the Crm Parameter "Primary Control" to pass the execution context to the JS function.

I retrieved the field value by using the formContext, but how can I refer to the button itself to change its value?
Assuming that the executionContext refers to the button, I figured out I could use the "executionContext" itself to call the "setDisabled" method, but the intellisense suggests to me that it's not the right option.

I also figured out I should use the formContext to get the "name" attribute of the button, but where can I find it/which component should I look at? (As I added it from the Ribbon Workbench tool, I don't know where I should look at to see its property from CRM settings).
Moreover, it doesn't make sense to me, as the button is the executionContext itself, is it correct?

What I have tried:

*** On Ribbon Workbench ***

- I added a button
- I added a new command
- I associated the previous Custom Javascript Action to the command
- I added a CRM parameter with the value "Primary Control" to the action to pass the
executionContext to the JS function

*** On JS code ***

function hideButton(executionContext){

   var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
   var state = formContext.getAttribute("statecode").getValue();   
   if (state .getValue() == 1) {

      // I need a pointer to the button
      // to call setDisabled(true)

Updated 22-Jan-21 13:14pm

1 solution

I don't know how much your Ribbon Workbench will get in the way, but the simple way is to give the button an ID and use that.

in button definition
... id="themagicbutton" ...

in your JS
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xhon 23-Jan-21 12:32pm    
Thanks Peter.
As regards the event handler, I assume that I also need to specify this.OnLoad, is it correct? Or is there a way to tell JS that it's an OnLOad event from CRM/Ribbon workbench configuration?

I update the code as below, I'm not sure if I'm using the override of the OnLoad method correctly here:

function hideButton(executionContext) {
var executionContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
var state = formContext.getAttribute("statecode").getValue();

if (state.getValue() == 1) {
else {



Peter_in_2780 25-Jan-21 20:25pm    
I don't know how your Ribbon Workbench expects to wire up event handlers. I work with HTML and Javascript at the lowest level, so I'd write

<button id="mybutton" ... ... onclick="myJSfunc(args)" ... >

and I'd manipulate the button's disabled property directly

document.getElementById("mybutton").disabled = true;

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