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•	In my work, network element configuration files downloaded automatically in hourly basis to the 3rd party server, I have configured the folder where the files downloaded on it as local Repo.
•	Recently, git schedule created to check the differences between the existing files with new downloaded files as below

cmd /c ""C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe" --login -i -- D:\"

D:\test consist the following commands

cd d:/repo
git diff -U5 | tail +3

•	The above task created using windows Task Scheduler to difference between the existing files and new files, the results appear as shown in below example diff

  alias Eth-Trunk3
- !ip address xx.xx.xx.xx
+ !ip address xx.xx.
  vrrp vrid 2 virtual-ip xx.xx.xx.xx master

-interface GigabitEthernet0/0/5
  description To_ISP

-interface LoopBack0
+!interface LoopBack0
  alias LoopBack0

Using git bash, how can send automatic email for all the changes appear above in hourly basis, what I mean is after the scheduler executed and appear differences I need to send all the differences appear by email.

What I have tried:

I have read some articles about
git send-email
but I couldn't impelement it
Updated 26-Jan-21 20:49pm
raddevus 23-Jan-21 15:12pm    
Did you set up the SMTP options (outgoing server) for the outgoing email?
see more at:
Khairi Khaled 24-Jan-21 8:59am    
Yes, I set up SMTP option in git-config but after that, I don't know any idea how to send the result by email
After set up SMTP what should I do?

1 solution

Maybe this article will be of help: HowToUseGitSendEmail[^]

If you use Gmail:
Go to Google -> My Account -> Connected Apps & Sites -> Allow less secure apps -> Switch ON
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