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I have a new project About Key Performance Index Application in my Company ,

I have a problem with 'Edit'

i Created the form dynamically,
and i used blazor server side application,

i have to create CRUD (create,Read,Update,Delete)
I have been finished with Create,Read ,and Delete

but i have a few problem with edit ,

i have looped dropdown list from my database
like this

@foreach (M_Indicator_KPI items in allindicator)
             <div class="form-group">
                 <label class="col-form-label">@items.IndicatorName</label>
                     allkriteria = kriteriaservices.GetDatabyIndicator(@items.IndicatorID.ToString()).Result;
                     <select class="form-controlselect"
                         <option value="">--Pilih Kriteria--</option>
                         @foreach (M_Kriteria_KPI item in allkriteria)
                             <option value="@item.Indicator_ID#@item.KriteriaID">
                                 @item.Criteria_Value . @item.CriteriaDesc


What I have tried:

what i want is when i edit the data it will rendered into the page but the dropdown will show the last value of the dropdown list ,

May be i don't explain clearly, you can ask me more ,and i will explain more detail about detail,

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