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So, as it turns out, you can change the default font for Notes inside Outlook - the sticky notes, I mean - and in Outlook up to (I think) 2010, there's an option to do it in Settings - which changes a registry entry. If you then export that, change the version of office in it and import it again, you get to change the font for later versions of Outlook - and it works fine.

Sure would be nice to do it programmatically, though, without having to build an entire virtual machine to install Windows 2010, just to get a single registry entry to copy.

Trouble is, the Registry value is a RegBinary -- it's easy to pick out the font name for it, [as you can see here] - this is Calibri 14 Point, normal - you can see the "Calibri" part, but what about all the other crap in there? Does anyone know how that's encoded? Thanks.

What I have tried:

Tried hunting through this for the obvious things like the font size, but even that seems not to be represented quite as one would expect. For example, I was looking for 0E for 14 point, but no...

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