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How convert string from CultureInfo("hr-HR") to any type after that get result string
of number with CultureInfo("en-US"),without Replace("."c;"")

What I have tried:

Dim dblValue as Double
Dim strNumValue as String="1.234.567,89"
Dim strNumValue_enUS as string
dblValue = CDbl(strNumValue)' {"Conversion from string "" 1.234.567,89"" to type 'Double' is not valid."}
Updated 14-Feb-21 3:38am
Richard MacCutchan 14-Feb-21 9:21am    
Use Double.TryParse().

1 solution

I'd sugegst to use Double.Parse method[^].

Take a look at this code:

Dim strNumValue As String="1.234.567,89"

Dim dv As Double = 0
Dim cIn As CultureInfo = New CultureInfo("Hr-hr")
Dim cOut As CultureInfo = New CultureInfo("En-us")

dv = Double.Parse(strNumValue, cIn)
strNumValue = dv.ToString(cOut)
'prints: 1234567.89
strNumValue = dv.ToString("###,000.00", cOut)
'prints: 1,234,567.89

You can also use: Double.TryParse Method[^]
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RickZeeland 14-Feb-21 9:41am    
5d :)
Maciej Los 14-Feb-21 9:45am    
Thank you, Rick :)
[no name] 14-Feb-21 10:02am    
My tiny 5. But to be honest I would put the hint to 'TryParse' in bold size 16 ;)
Maciej Los 14-Feb-21 11:09am    
:)Thank you.

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