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Hello there,
I need some feedback about my implementation of custom queue.
This is the code in pastebin- Create Custom Queue -[^]

What I have tried:

I don't know any unit tests, because they are in the next course, but I created some own test cases. On my machine everything is working correctly.
Updated 16-Feb-21 9:31am
Richard MacCutchan 16-Feb-21 15:11pm    
If you can paste the code into PasteBin, you could just as easily paste it here in your question, so people can read it directly.

You could use the Array.Copy Method[^] instead of using loops to copy arrays.
Might not make much of a performance impact, but would make the code more compact.

I'm not a big fan of Unit Testing, but this article might get you started:
You Still Don’t Know How to Do Unit Testing (and Your Secret is Safe with Me) – Stackify[^]
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thanks for your feedback!
I will replace all my for loops with Array.Copy.
Thanks and for this article. This is very useful information about unit tests!
All the best!
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Richard Deeming 17-Feb-21 6:25am    
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