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Hi all,

I am working on reading mail from outlook by EWS push notification subscription.

I have done subscription with SubscribeToPushNotifications(IEnumerable<folderid>, Uri, Int32, String, EventType[]) also received the subscription id successfully.

- FolderID is Inbox,
- Uri - my .net core rest webservice with get and post action methods
- interval is 1
- watermark given empty string
- EventType is Created

Here I am not sure how the web service should be written and how to receive / read the push notification.

Any leading would be very greatfull!!

Thank you in advance!!!

What I have tried:

ExchangeWebService service = new ExchangeWebService();


service.SubscribeToPushNotifications(IEnumerable<folderid>, Uri, Int32, String, EventType[])


Web Service
public IActionResult ReceivePushNotification()
return Ok();

public IActionResult ReceivePushNotification()
return Ok();

I am receiving 200 Ok Status When I execute these action methods from Postman. But I want to know how EWS push notification will send the new mail response to web service (what action methods and what format)
Updated 25-Feb-21 8:03am
Gerry Schmitz 25-Feb-21 14:14pm    
Why don't you just forward it to another mailbox? (from the original mailbox).
Kumar Veerabadran 25-Feb-21 14:17pm    
I want to do automation of monitoring the mailbox whenever new mail comes.

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