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values is javascript variable. I taken javascript variable value in php variable. After taking value i want to clear cookie.
document.cookie = "values = " + values;
$pst_strength_weakness1= $_COOKIE['values'];

What I have tried:

i dont know how to clear cookie
Updated 28-Feb-21 20:14pm

1 solution

Take a look here: How to Create, Read, Update and Delete Cookies with PHP or Javascript -[^]

Actually, there is not a way to directly delete a cookie. Just use setcookie with expiration date in the past, to trigger the removal mechanism in your browser.

$cookie_name = 'pontikis_net_php_cookie';
// empty value and expiration one hour before
$res = setcookie($cookie_name, '', time() - 3600);

The same is stated here: PHP Cookies[^] but with less words.
Member 15086478 1-Mar-21 4:27am
using unset(), cookie value will not get removed
Maciej Los 1-Mar-21 4:53am
Please, read my answer carefully. You CAN'T remove cookie. You can "clear" its content, where "clear" means set cookie as expired.

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