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I have a large list(of string) of song titles (e.g. ~1000 titles), and I want to look them up in mysql.

I have the following code, but it gives me errors and I don't know why:
Dim test As String = "alpha - bravo#charlie - delta#echo - foxtrot"  '<<test string!!not the actual list
Query = "select song FROM songs WHERE song IN ('.implode(','," & test & ").')"
command=New mysqlcommand(query,mysqlconn)

What I have tried:

I tried different approaches but hopefully someone spots the error.
Updated 14-Mar-21 23:40pm
Gerry Schmitz 13-Mar-21 13:38pm
Get the SQL working in MySQl admin console; then convert it to VB.

1 solution

Implode[^] is a PHP function used to join array elements with string!

I'd suggest to read this: Comma-Separated Values | Sisense[^]

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