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SO guys I need your help I have a file named Drinks.txt and an that file I have for example 4 lines (it could be more ) I need to make 4 buttons visible or to create them and to read each line and place it as button text

What I have tried:

for (int i = 0; i < File.ReadLines(@"drinks.txt").Count(); i++)
      //Add button right here
int i =   File.ReadLines(@Drinks.txt").Count();

           toolStripLabel6.Visible = true;

on the second one i was trying to get the lines count to the label and create the buttons from that count
but this is not working what do I do or is it easier to do this with QL table instead of txt file
Updated 15-Mar-21 22:40pm

This is pretty easy:
string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(@"drinks.txt");
for (int i = 0; i < lines.Count(); i++)
      //create an instance of button
     //C# 6.0 and higher
    //Button btn = new Button(){Name=$"Button{i}", Text = $"{i}", Size = new Size(90, 24), Location = new Point(10, (24*i) + 4)};
    //up to C# 5.0
    Button btn = new Button(){Name=string.Format("Button{0}", i), Text = string.Format("{0}", {lines[i]), Size = new Size(90, 24), Location = new Point(10, (24*i) + 4)};    //put it on the form
Kleo Rogers 16-Mar-21 10:23am
I have a error on
string[] lines = File.ReadLines(@"drinks.txt");

cannot implicitly convert type 'system.collections.generic.ienumerable to string an explicit conversion e4xist are you missing a cast
and on
$"Button{i} Syntax error ',' expected

i tried to play around with it and replace the string[] lines = File.ReadLines(@"drinks.txt"); with foreach (string line in File.ReadLines("drinks.txt")) remove the $ sign and get the buttons with text button {i} and get 12 buttons and i have 4 lines
Maciej Los 16-Mar-21 10:35am
Sorry, my wrong. Check out updated answer.
Kleo Rogers 16-Mar-21 11:07am
First error is ok now but second is still there if I delete $ sign I don't have any error but it is not righting the correct text on button i just have {i} as a text
Maciej Los 16-Mar-21 14:13pm
What version of visual studio you are using? As far as i remember, using $ character ar the begining of text line is availanle within c# ver. 8. Try to use string.Format instead.
Kleo Rogers 16-Mar-21 14:19pm
Maciej Los 16-Mar-21 17:16pm
Visual Studio 2013 supports C# 5.0. So, you have to use string.Format() definitively.
For further details, please see:
$ - string interpolation - C# reference | Microsoft Docs[^]
String.Format Method (System) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Kleo Rogers 17-Mar-21 14:12pm
Thank you so much for you patience and help
Maciej Los 17-Mar-21 16:06pm
You're very welcome.
Try like this:
int i = 0;

foreach (string line in File.ReadLines("drinks.txt"))
           // toolStripLabel6.Text=i.ToString();
           toolStripLabel6.Text = line;
           toolStripLabel6.Visible = true;

See example here on how to create an array of buttons: Button Array Using C#[^]
Kleo Rogers 16-Mar-21 2:49am
So this will create count of lines and give me result to the label but that was the wrong way i need every line to rad and create that many buttons and and read the line and place every line as text in button text or i am reading this code wrong?

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