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Hi guys need a little help,i'm splitting 27 items then add them one by one
in two columns, but my problem is the result of this code was 26 blank row in
datagridview and i only get the last data. where did i go wrong. Kindly point out
my mistake please.

int itemCount = 0;
                foreach (string item in getBaplieDetailsResult)
                    string itemResult = item;
                    string[] itemArray = itemResult.Split('-');
                    dgvHeader.Rows[itemCount].Cells[0].Value = itemArray[0];
                    dgvHeader.Rows[itemCount].Cells[1].Value = itemArray[1];

What I have tried:

i'm still searching the google for now..
Updated 18-Mar-21 21:59pm

1 solution

Try this:
//set below property via code or manually
//dgvHeader.AutoGenerateColumns = true;
//create datatable object
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
//add columns
dt.Columns.AddRange(new DataColumn[]
    new DataColumn("Column#1", typeof(string)),
    new DataColumn("Column#2", typeof(string))
//add rows
foreach (string item in getBaplieDetailsResult)
    string[] itemArray = item.Split('-');
//bind ddata to datagridview
dgvHeader.DataSource = dt;

For further details, please see:
Bind data to DataGridView Control - Windows Forms .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs[^]
Create an Unbound DataGridView Control - Windows Forms .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs[^]
BillWoodruff 19-Mar-21 16:23pm
Maciej Los 19-Mar-21 16:25pm
Thank you very much, Bill.

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