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I am reading file that contains

Johh, 13, soccer, cricket
Mitchell, 14, cricket
Michael, 13, football, cricket, soccer
(all three in separate lines starting from names)

I have created class with objects called name, age and favourite sport. is it possible in C++ to combine stuff after age (which are favourite sports) into one object rather then having to write favourite sport1, favourite sport2 etc. Example for John it can be student.getname() = john, student.getAge() = 13 and student.getFavSport = soccer,cricket. etc

really stuck at this part, have never been taught, any help would be appreciated Thank you

What I have tried:

I have so far created class and objects
Updated 9-Apr-21 1:06am

Yes, just add a collection of Sport objects to the Student class (or whatever the people are) and add each sport as a separate instance to that.

Exactly what collection depend on the environment you are running in, a CLI project might use a .NET List for example, or there are loads of other types: Containers - C++ Reference[^]
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Yes, you can.
Try, for instance
#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class student
  string name;
  int age;
  vector <string> sport;

  student(string name, int age, vector<string> sport):name(name), age(age), sport(sport){}

  string get_name() const { return name; }
  int get_age() const { return age;} const

  vector<string> & get_sport() const { return sport;}


int main()
  vector<student> v = {
    { "Johh", 13, { "soccer", "cricket" }},
    { "Mitchell", 14, { "cricket" }},
    { "Michael", 13, {"football", "cricket", "soccer"}},

  for (const auto & s : v)
    cout << s.get_name() << ", " << s.get_age();
    for ( const auto & sport : s.get_sport() )
      cout << ", " << sport;
    cout << endl;
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Member 14559341 9-Apr-21 7:22am    
@CPallini Thank you very much, this is very helpful. I noticed you separated the sport in vector v from age and name using separate{}. Possible to know how to do similar whilst reading from file? thank you
CPallini 9-Apr-21 8:50am    
Retrieving the items from a file, as far as I know, requires a different approach (you have to iterate, in order to fill the vector of strings. In my code, a similar iteration is used for the output).

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