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I wish to have a connection string for my ftp server with Static IP, Any Sample Query will be helpful.

My Codes:-
Provider=Microsoft.ace.Oledb.12.0; Data Source=''; UserID='MyUserID'; Password='MyPassword'; Persist Security Info=False;";

or may be 
Provider=Microsoft.ace.Oledb.12.0; Data Source='ftp:////'; UserID='MyUserID'; Password='MyPassword'; Persist Security Info=False;";

Thanks for the Guidances

Thank Regards

What I have tried:

I tried to connect my database by FTP connection string
Updated 14-Apr-21 7:28am

1 solution

You can't.
FTP is not a file system, but a protocol to transfer data, and it doesn't allow directly access to files. FTP is not made for this scenario, and will not work.
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Paramu1973 14-Apr-21 15:16pm    
Ok. Once I need to access my files directly, How to connect, But the joke is before my hardware support staff, gave me the files direct access by IP. But I don't know the hardware configuration scenario.

Dave Kreskowiak 14-Apr-21 15:18pm    
None of what you said made any sense at all. The only way to get Access to use a database on another machine is if the database file is exposed through a network Share in Windows or an SMB share in a Linux environment.
OriginalGriff 14-Apr-21 15:39pm    
I suspect that they have given you an FTP link so you can copy the file to your local machine - although it is possible to use an Access file as a multiuser DB I've never seen it used that way without giving huge problems, particularly on a network. If you are single user, the copying the file is fine. If you need to share the data between users, then you really should be looking at a server based system such as SQL Server, or MySql.
Dave Kreskowiak 14-Apr-21 15:41pm    
I have, when I worked for CBP. It wasn't pretty, and that's about all I can get away with saying. :)

You're probably right about the FTP link.
OriginalGriff 14-Apr-21 15:56pm    
I did - once - as well.
Never again - I try to learn from my mistakes! :laugh:

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