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Hi, I've found this code on a site for create and seed a torrent from python script.

import sys
import time
import libtorrent as lt

#Create torrent
fs = lt.file_storage()
lt.add_files(fs, "./test.txt")
t = lt.create_torrent(fs)
t.add_tracker("udp://", 0)
t.set_creator('libtorrent %s' % lt.version)
lt.set_piece_hashes(t, ".")
torrent = t.generate()    
f = open("mytorrent.torrent", "wb")

#Seed torrent
ses = lt.session()
ses.listen_on(6881, 6891)
h = ses.add_torrent({'ti': lt.torrent_info('mytorrent.torrent'), 'save_path': '.', 'seed_mode': True}) 
print("Total size: ") + str(h.status().total_wanted)
print("Name: ") +   
while True:
    s = h.status()
    state_str = ['queued', 'checking', 'downloading metadata', \
      'downloading', 'finished', 'seeding', 'allocating', 'checking fastresume']

    print('\r%.2f%% complete (down: %.1f kb/s up: %.1f kB/s peers: %d) %s' % \
      (s.progress * 100, s.download_rate / 1000, s.upload_rate / 1000, s.num_peers, state_str[s.state]))


The problem is that it use "libtorrent" and i can't install that library. Is there another library similiar to libtorrent, or another way to install it?

What I have tried:

I've tried to search everywhere on and the libtorrent site, but i can't stand how to install that package.
Updated 16-Apr-21 22:10pm

1 solution

You are asking at the wrong place. You need to ask the person or people that wrote this code. Or you could simply install the required library.
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