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def my_func(c=1, n=-1):
    while True:
        if n>-1 and c > n:
            # if counter > number of iterations required
        a = int(c * (c + 1)/2)
        yield a
        c += 1

def get_valid_user_input():
    user_input = input("Enter a number, or leave blank for infinite loop: ")
    if user_input == "":
        return -1
        return int(user_input)
    except ValueError:
        print("Error! Please enter a number or leave blank.")
        return get_valid_user_input()

my_object = my_func(n=get_valid_user_input())
while True:
    except StopIteration:
        print("End of Iteration")

Hi Basically I would like to print the first 10 iterations of triangular numbers (1 3 6 9 12 etc...once 10 iterations are reacher I would like to provide the user with a prompt ..if yes is selected continue loop until infinity ..if No is selected then break the loop and ask the user to enter a new amount of iterations..

What I have tried:

I set
my_object = my_func(n=10)
which gives the fist 10 iterations ..but then I don't know how to switch to user input prompt to select Yes or No question.

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