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Hi, I would like to ask if there is a good tool for marking the answer in Visual Studio? I create WPF Application in which it would be possible to mark the answer.In short, there would be a mathematical example and the user would be able to choose one of three options(one-righ,two-false). Is there such a tool?

What I have tried:

If the tool could accidentally switch the correct answer, it wouldn't be bad at all :D
Updated 29-Apr-21 3:50am
BillWoodruff 28-Apr-21 7:50am
Explain what "mark the answer" means, and show your code.

"tool could accidentally switch the correct answer" explain in detail.
Dave Kreskowiak 28-Apr-21 10:30am
I don't think anyone is going to have any clue what you're talking about.

What do you mean by "a good tool for marking the answer in Visual Studio"? There are no questions in Visual Studio, so what "answers" are you talking about?
Member 15170612 29-Apr-21 4:10am
I mean, a tool that would work, for example, if you have an abc test and one of them is correct and you have to choose it
Gerry Schmitz 28-Apr-21 14:10pm
Use RadioButtons.
Member 15170612 29-Apr-21 4:11am
I thought it would be the best, thanks
Member 15170612 29-Apr-21 4:12am
can you write it as a solution and agree it as resolved?

1 solution

That's not "tools". What you're talking about are controls you can use in your app. There's plenty of them, like RadioButtons, CheckBoxes, TextBoxes, ... You can even create your own controls.

There is nothing that is going to fit and do exactly what you are describing because your problem description is a bit too broad. You have to either use the available controls to build the functionality you want or you have the option of creating your own controls to do it.

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