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Imagine an airport check-in queue of size N, where a new
passenger is Enqueued to the check-in queue from rear end and
Dequeued through the front end. However, when the queue has
number of passengers greater than or equal to 80% of N, then
Dequeue operation involves removing passengers from front as
well as rear end. In a special case, when a passenger is a VIP, then
he/she enqueued at front end instead of rear. Implement the above
data structure and operations.

What I have tried:

i am extremely new to C language and am practicing on hackerrank. this is my first assignment in terms of implementation of data structures which i havent really understood it. i am facing problems in how to update size in queue. i hope the community helps.
Updated 29-Apr-21 10:48am

Forget hackerrank, it is largely a waste of time, and this is not the way to learn a programming language. Get a copy of the c programming language 3rd edition - Google Search[^], and learn the language properly first..
i am extremely new to C language and am practicing on hackerrank

I agree with Richard, do yourself a favor, don't, it is a wrong good idea.
As a beginner, you lack the technical background and experience to understand the reason why algorithms are combined the way they are, so it become magic solution.

Advice: follow properly tutorials, do every exercise.
- Start with tiny/useless projects, the purpose is to learn programming, not doing something useful.
- Start with console mode programs (no fancy graphics, no mouse)
- Learn debugger (an incredible learning tool)
Debugger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^]
Mastering Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 - A Beginner's Guide[^]
- A problem ? Google is your friend.
- Learn one or more analyze methods, E.W. Djikstra/N. Wirth Stepwize Refinement/top-Down method is a good start.
Structured Programming.pdf[^][^][^][^][^]
Program Development by Stepwise Refinement[^]
- Learn Algorithms and Data-Structures.
GitHub - The-Art-of-Computer-Programming-Books: "Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it." ? Donald E. Knuth[^]
Skiena The Algorithm Design Manual
- Learn Boole algebra
- Learn SQL

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