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I have no problem in rebuild the UAT file project. Rebuild UAT file project is a success and has no error. But once the UAT Web Setup has created after rebuild the UAT file project, it got 1 failed. The error is :

File 'NdefLibrary.dll' targeting 'AMD64' is not compatible with the project's target platform 'x86'

Error image as per attach below,

Error — ImgBB[^]

How supposed to solve this?

Hope anyone has solution that could help. Thank you. =)

What I have tried:

I have tried to change the compatibility platform under
Build tab > Configuration Manager, but the error still remains the same.
Updated 3-May-21 23:31pm

1 solution

Either change your project to match the library, or get a copy of the library to match your project settings: you cannot "switch" between 32 bit and 64 bit code "on the fly" while your code is running.
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Nurul Izzati Mat Pouzi 4-May-21 5:03am    
Hi @OriginalGriff, what do you mean by "match the library"? I'm a newbie here. Hope an explanation would be appreciate =)
OriginalGriff 4-May-21 5:23am    
when you build a project, you specify the target: basically 64 bit or 32 bit - and the code that is generated is suitable for that, and that alone: you can't mix two different code sizes in one application.
So if your library is built for a specific target - "AMD64" then you can't call it at all unless the rest of your app is built for the same target.

It's a bit like a train ticket: if you buy yourself a second class ticket, and your friend first class, you can't sit together on the train!

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