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I need to develop two different application hotel managemnt systems and restaurant management system so the restaurant can post payment to the hotel sometimes how can I achieve that what did you recommend?

What I have tried:

my both applications are using the same database over network is there any better solution

thanks in advance
Updated 8-May-21 3:52am

The two applications should share a common back-end code.
Always think in layers.
A modern way is to create a REST API, you could use ASP.NET Core for this.
See: best-web-frameworks-to-create-a-web-rest-api~asp-net-core[^]
ASP.NET Core has a bit of a learning curve though, if your needs are simple using a database and network is fine.

You might also be interested in NSwag[^]

If you have a PostgreSQL database creating a REST API is very easy with PostgREST[^]

Another option is using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), if your applications don't need internet you can use self-hosting, see: Self Hosting in WCF[^]
It is not safe to expose a self-hosted application to the internet, in this case you need IIS and things will get more complicated.
Member 14116196 8-May-21 11:35am
i am using windows form application

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