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I am trying to make a online streaming service. but when i start converting images from one type to other it shows error.

here is my code

MyBitmapFile myFile = new MyBitmapFile(m_hDevice.ImageSize.Width, m_hDevice.ImageSize.Height, m_Frame);
                    MemoryStream BmpStream = new MemoryStream(myFile.BitmatFileData);
                    Bitmap Bmp = new Bitmap(BmpStream);

this part works fine this is given with api doc.

but when

Image bmp_img = (Image)Bmp;
                    bmp_img.Save(JPG_IAMGE_STREAM, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);
                    JPG_IAMGE_STREAM.Seek(0, 0);

the proble is in bmp_img.Save

What I have tried:

when i open this service service exit with error.
no error code.
Updated 9-May-21 20:58pm

1 solution

We can't tell - but the most likely problem is that either JPG_IAMGE_STREAMis a path string and the path is not accessible to a Service because it doesn't run under your User credentials, or it is a Stream that doesn't support Seeking.

Services don't run under the User account: they run under a special account - so they can run before any user logs in. If you try to write to a path that isn't specifically accessible to the Service user, then the write will fail, and the Service will fail.

Check the type of JPG_IAMGE_STREAM and if it's a stream, find out what type, then check if that supports Seek operations - not all do for a variety of reasons. If it;'s a file path, then check exactly where it writes to.

Sorry, but we can't do any of that for you!
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