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>I have c# application that reads email, i read xml and pdf file when i have no Embedded attachments. When i tried to read pdf from Embedded attachement, the code only reads .bmp, jpg files. My code

string strFiltro = String.Format("SINCE {0}-{1}-{2} BEFORE {3}-{4}-{5} {6} ",
                                       (this.MensajesNoLeidos == true ? "UNSEEN" : "ALL"));

            IEnumerable<Message> mensajesFiltrados = folder.Search(strFiltro/*MessageFetchMode.Full,10*/);
mensajesFiltrados = mensajesFiltrados.Where(x => x.Attachments.Count() > 0 || x.EmbeddedResources.Count() > 0);

      foreach (Message message in mensajesFiltrados)
              if (message.Attachments.Count() > 0)
                    ArchivosAdjuntosFiltrados = message.Attachments.Where(x => x.ContentType.Name.ToLower().Contains(".pdf") ||                                                      x.ContentType.Name.ToLower().Contains(".xml"));
                    resultado[0] = resultado[0] + ArchivosAdjuntosFiltrados.Count();
                  if (message.EmbeddedResources.Count() > 0)
//never get Embedded pdf or xml files ArchivosAdjuntosFiltrados = message.EmbeddedResources.Where(x => x.ContentType.Name.Contains(".pdf") || x.ContentType.Name.Contains(".xml"));


       foreach (Attachment atachemtn in ArchivosAdjuntosFiltrados)
                    strNombreArchivo = atachemtn.FileName;
String attachData = atachemtn.GetTextData().Replace('-', '+'); attachData = attachData.Replace('_', '/');

                if (intPosicion > 0)
                        attachData = attachData.Substring(0, attachData.Length - 31);

                    if (strNombreArchivo != String.Empty)
                        if (File.Exists(Path.Combine(strRutaDescargas, atachemtn.FileName)) == true)
                            if (pBlnSobreescribirArchivos == true)
                                byte[] data = Convert.FromBase64String(attachData);
                                File.WriteAllBytes(Path.Combine(this.strRutaDescargas, strNombreArchivo), data);

Any help will be appreciated..

What I have tried:

I can only read jpg image, not xml and pdf
Gerry Schmitz 12-May-21 20:43pm
So? Don't use Embedded for pdf's.
KlingCan 19-May-21 10:16am
What can i use instead of Embedded for pdf?
BillWoodruff 12-May-21 21:02pm
is this your own code ?
KlingCan 19-May-21 10:17am
Yes is my own code
BillWoodruff 19-May-21 10:25am
you need to set break-points and single-step through your code: i suggest running it on a test case where a message has one .pdf attachment.

as you hit each break-point, examine the state of variables and note where values seem in error.

please explain in more detail: "read pdf from Embedded attachement" ... what does "read" mean ?
KlingCan 21-May-21 12:05pm
message object

I have 4 attachment, but i only se 3, i dont see pdf named test.pdf

ContentId = "lnk0"
ContentType = {application/octet-stream; name=clip_image001.png}

ContentId = "lnk1"
ContentType = {application/octet-stream; name=clip_image001.png}

ContentId = "lnk2"
ContentType = {application/octet-stream; name=clip_image002.png}

ContentId = "lnk3"
ContentType = {application/octet-stream; name=clip_image002.png}
KlingCan 2-Jun-21 10:49am
Any other idea?
KlingCan 23-Jun-21 9:25am
I still working in my project discovered when i have embedded attachment and not embedded attachment the program only reads embedded attachment.
Any idea?

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