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public IFormFile UploadedImage { get; set; }

<div class="form-group row">
            <label asp-for="UploadedImage" class="ml-2">Image</label>
            <input asp-for="UploadedImage" class="form-control" type="file"/>
            <span asp-validation-for="UploadedImage" class="text-danger"></span>

Currently user can upload anything, which will lead to awful things in backend.

Is there any easy straightforward way to allow uploading only images? Looking online some solutions look absolutely terrifying, but they are 5+ years old, so maybe .NET got better way to do it. Like [Image] attribute or something.

What I have tried:

I have some better or worse ideas, like trying to use System.Drawing library and catch exception, or using Mime-Detective, but I want to find better than worse solution. I don't know which ones are ok to use.
SeanChupas 14-May-21 16:33pm    
Is restricting based on file extension sufficient?

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