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I have created a WPF application , where I need to bind the XML data to the ComboBox. Below code I have tried. But values are not not showing on the ComboBox. Anybody please helpme to solve this.

What I have tried:

This the Languages.xml File
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <language name="English"/>
  <language name="Hindi"/>
  <language name="Odia"/>
  <language name="Telugu"/>
  <language name="Kannada"/>

And this is App.xaml
<Application x:Class="xmlBinding.App"
        <XmlDataProvider x:Key="XmlData" Source="Languages.xml"/>

And this MainWindow.xaml
<combobox x:name="cmbName" height="30" width="150" itemssource="{Binding Source={StaticResource XmlData},XPath=Languages/.}"
="" displaymemberpath="@name">
Updated 20-May-21 22:32pm
Chris Copeland 20-May-21 9:39am    
Have you checked in the Debug output window? Normally when there's an issue with XAML either loading or rendering a resource then it will print out a message accordingly.
Gita Padhihari 24-May-21 3:47am    
Thank you for the solution. The issue got resolved.
[no name] 20-May-21 13:19pm    
As a last resort, you can always create the "list" in code (hard-coded or deserialized xml). Doesn't look like that particular list will change much either.

1 solution

Did you have a look at the Debug Output Windows as suggested by Chris?

If you see a message like this
XmlDataProvider cannot load asynchronous document from Source because of load or parse error in XML stream. Uri:'Languages.xml' IOException:'System.IO.IOException: Cannot locate resource 'languages.xml'.
then the XML file cannot be found.

In this case you can try to assign a path like this:
<XmlDataProvider x:Key="XmlData" Source="c:\\Languages.xml" XPath="Languages"/>

Do not forget to copy the XML file to the specified path.
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Gita Padhihari 24-May-21 3:46am    
Thanks for the solutions. Yes The issue got resolved.
TheRealSteveJudge 25-May-21 2:05am    
Thank you for your feedback!

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