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I hope everyone are safe and fine. I am trying this code to make it work. I have a file and file where I have a Class User created in the file and I am trying to import the User class from file to file. I a using Tortoise ORM for this purpose. I am getting an error "ImportError: cannot import name 'register_tortoise' from 'tortoise.contrib.pydantic'" in the command prompt


<pre lang="Python">from fastapi import FastAPI, Request, Form, HTTPException
from fastapi.responses import HTMLResponse
from fastapi.templating import Jinja2Templates
from fastapi.staticfiles import StaticFiles
from models import User_Pydantic, UserIn_Pydantic, User
from tortoise.contrib.pydantic import register_tortoise, HTTPNotFoundError

app = FastAPI()

    generate_schemas = True,
    add_exception_handlers = True


app.mount("/static", StaticFiles(directory="static"), name="static")

templates = Jinja2Templates(directory="templates")

@app.get("/", response_class=HTMLResponse)
async def login_page(request :Request):
    return templates.TemplateResponse("index.html", {"request":request})"/loginsuccess/", response_class=HTMLResponse)
async def login_success(request: Request, username: str = Form(...), password: str = Form(...)):

    if username=='michael' and password=='clarke':
        return templates.TemplateResponse("homepage.html", {"request": request, "username":username})
        status_code = 500
        return templates.TemplateResponse("index.html", {"request":request, "status_code":status_code})


from tortoise import fields
from tortoise.models import Model
from tortoise.contrib.pydantic import pydantic_model_creator

class User(Model):
    id = fields.CharField(pk=True, max_length=50)
    username = fields.CharField(max_length=50, unique=True)
    password = fields.CharField(max_length=50, null=True)

    class PydanticMeta:

User_Pydantic = pydantic_model_creator(User, name="User")
UserIn_Pydantic = pydantic_model_creator(User, name="UserIn", exclude_readonly=True)

What I have tried:

I have tried but i am getting an error
"ImportError: cannot import name 'register_tortoise' from 'tortoise.contrib.pydantic'"
Updated 24-May-21 23:51pm

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Sagabarnisa S 25-May-21 5:24am    
its not working
Richard MacCutchan 25-May-21 6:07am    
Well I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

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