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i have two input fields in JavaScript.

a 'from' text field.

and a 'to' text field.

when a user enter number e.g. 10 in from field and 20 in to field , i want it to be matched against an array which has random numbers. And how many numbers are present in the array from 10 to 20 lets say 4 numbers , I want them to print inside a text field in html file.

i m trying but unable to make this functionality ,

note: i am only using vanilla JavaScript.

What I have tried:

let from1 = document.querySelector(".from");
  let to1 = document.querySelector(".to");

(jsondata[0]["10015022013"].includes(from1.value && to1.value))

Updated 10-Jun-21 1:26am

1 solution

includes returns a flag indicating whether the specified value exists in your array:
Array.prototype.includes() - JavaScript | MDN[^]

In this case, you are combining two strings with the && operator. That's not a sensible operation - in my browser, it seems to consistently return the second string, but other browsers might behave differently.

Use parseInt to convert the value to a number:
parseInt() - JavaScript | MDN[^]

Then use filter to filter your array to just the values between those two numbers:
Array.prototype.filter() - JavaScript | MDN[^]

Then do something with that filtered array.
const startValue = parseInt(from1.value);
const endValue = parseInt(to1.value);
const matchingValues = sourceArray.filter(i => startValue <= i && i <= endValue);
console.log("Match:", matchingValues);
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