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I have come across a problem, i want to display number of items in, out and balance for every date and want to see the data datewise, i.e. if there are few items then on 01/01/13(dd/mm/yy) the table of items(in,out,balance,etc.) ..., then on 02/01/13(dd/mm/yy) the table of items(in,out,balance,etc).

SELECT I.Date as Date,
P.ResourceName as ItemName,
P.ResourceRate as Rate,
COALESCE(i.TotalInQty,0) as InwardsQuantity,
COALESCE(s.TotalOutQty,0) as OutwardsQuantity,
COALESCE(i.TotalInQty,0)-COALESCE(S.TotalOutQty,0) as Balance,
O.UnitSymbol As ItemUnit 
FROM UnitMaster O 
INNER JOIN Resource_Master P 
	ON O.UnitCode = P.Unitcode 
	LEFT JOIN(select sum(i.Qty) AS TotalInQty,Nameofitem,Min(I.Date) AS Date  from Inwards_Master I where Tendercode=1 group by Nameofitem) I ON I.Nameofitem= P.ResourceName 
	LEFT JOIN(select sum(s.qty) AS TotalOutQty,Nameofitem, Min(S.Date) AS Date  from Outwards_Master S where Tendercode=1 group by s.Nameofitem) S ON I.Date=S.Date AND I.Nameofitem =S.Nameofitem 
WHERE P.Status=1 and P.TenderCode= 1

Can any body give an insight on this?
Updated 2-Apr-13 22:07pm

1 solution


As regards the inwards quantity I cannot see why it will not return values if a record exists in O,P and I.

What I suggest is to break down the query and test joining O and P. Then join the result with I and check your results and so on.

To include all dates even when not in I you need to add another table with dates and join to that returning 0 as your results.

Hope this helps.
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