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I have validation logic in the RowValidating event of a DataGridView. However, when a user clicks on a cell in a different row, it never triggers the RowValidating event from the row that was left. I don't really object to the moving to another row, I just want the original row to be validated!

The event triggers properly if a keystroke causes the row to change, but clicking another row with the mouse does not trigger the event. Is there a way to get the event to fire when the user clicks on another row?

What I have tried:

I've tried putting code in the RowLeave event to test if the row's been validated, but there doesn't seem to be anything to detect that. Also, I need the validation code to allow cancellation, so I cannot just put the validation code in RowLeave.
Updated 23-Jun-21 9:28am
[no name] 23-Jun-21 13:05pm    
That is why I usually use a (pop up) form if I need any validation when entering / update entries in collections. Otherwise, you need to maintain some sort of state that you check when moving to a new row (i.e. was there a validation pending on row x; validate it now, and go back or continue). Or you trap the mouse with validation pending; but then you start tying the user's hands, etc.
Maciej Los 23-Jun-21 14:36pm    
Seems you need to use Validated Event[^] instead of Validating.
James Blair 2021 23-Jun-21 15:22pm    
Validated doesn't allow me to back out of the change if validation fails.

1 solution

I ended up doing the following:

1. Saved the row index I was editing in the CellBeginEdit event. I needed this for item #2.

2. In the RowLeave event, force RowValidating on the saved row. This solved the basic problem except the situation noted in item #3.

3. In the CellLeave event, force edit mode on that cell to end. If I didn't do this, the CellEndEdit event didn't fire when clicking on another row while edit mode was active.
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Maciej Los 24-Jun-21 2:21am    
Great! You've solved your own issue.
A 5!
BTW: It would be great to see your question resolved. So, please, accept your own solution (green button).

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