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I work on angular 7 I face issue countrows variable give me undefined value

although I assigned it with value as below

Expected result I need is to get value 3 from returned array of object

public Countrows:Number;
ngOnInit(): void {
console.log("final count rows is" + this.Countrows);

    data =>this.Countrows=data[0].countItems 

it give me final data  undefined

data returned on variable Countrows

        "countItems": 3

What I have tried:

console.log("final data" + data[0].countItems)
give me on console as 
final data 3
Updated 11-Jul-21 23:59pm

1 solution

We can't see how your GetcountItems function is defined. But the fact that you're passing a continuation function to the result suggests it's making an asynchronous request.

You won't be able to access the results of the asynchronous request until the request has completed.
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