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i am using CTaskDialog to develop a window progress bar with cancel button on it.

I am not finding documentation on it. i'd like to know if it's possible intercept / use an OnCancel event to stop in progress operation.

i am very curious of it.

Thanks in advance for you time

What I have tried:

I have implemented with success OnInit and Ontimer and i can terminate the window when the progress reach 100% miss only Oncancel event
Updated 13-Jul-21 6:40am
jeron1 13-Jul-21 11:52am    
Are you in a blocking function that updates the progress bar? Sounds like you're not processing windows messages. Showing code would help.

1 solution

Add a Cancel button to the dialog and use the OnCommandControlClick[^] event to handle it.
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Drakesal 13-Jul-21 13:29pm    
Perfect you helped me very much, last question where i can get the ID list for CANCEL button?
Richard MacCutchan 14-Jul-21 3:53am    
The ID for any resource is just a number that you create. If you open the resource editor in Visual Studio you can browse the existing values that are being used. Or you can use the standard value: IDCANCEL, which is defined in WinUser.h.

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