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When I open command prompt , I am getting like this:


What should I do to get like this :


What I have tried:

I tried searching in google , but I did not find...
Updated 19-Jul-21 6:37am
Richard MacCutchan 19-Jul-21 11:50am    
That is probably your home directory, and your prompt is set at $P$G. Type "help prompt" at the console and it shows how to change it. Or just type "help" and you can learn all about the commands available.
_-_-_-me 19-Jul-21 12:09pm    
Thank you !
I typed help and enter
It showed all the commands...
It was like this:
CD : Displays the name of or changes the current directory.
Why should we use CD\ ?
Why we should not use only CD ?
Because In the commands it only showed CD.....
Richard MacCutchan 19-Jul-21 12:40pm    
Type "help cd", or help followed by any command name. The information is all there, you just need to read it.


cd ..\..
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_-_-_-me 19-Jul-21 12:03pm    
Command Prompt: 11 basic commands you should know (cd, dir, mkdir, etc.) | Digital Citizen[^]

The prompt you're looking at is telling you the directory path you're currently in. To get the C:\, you need to Change Directory to \.
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_-_-_-me 19-Jul-21 12:12pm    
Thank you!

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