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Table User(id identity, name , windowid unique)

we insert one row in table user , and autogenerated id would be 1234.

insert value (shubham, 1234_Shubham)

i want windowid =id+name,

Can we do this in SQL.

What I have tried:

Scope identity, but its for insert newly inserted ID in other table.
Updated 26-Jul-21 0:00am

As far as I know you cannot do this in a single insert. You would have to insert the row then follow up with an update to the same row once the id is known.

1. Why bother storing the [windowid] as it is clearly constructed from a combination of the [id] and [name] columns? Just create a unique index on both those columns.

2. Consider using a SEQUENCE instead of an IDENTITY column for your id. E.g. see SQL Sequence vs Identity Column – SQLServerCentral[^]. That way you will know the id before the insert and can construct the other column as part of the same insert
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To add to what CHill60 has suggested, consider using a COMPUTED column which means that is is worked out only when you request it - it takes no space, and can include the IDENTITY value: Specify Computed Columns in a Table - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs[^]
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